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GD2WP: Feeds the website pages with content from Google Docs that can be accessed and modified at any time by authorized personnel.

Google Analytics: These programs monitor your website and help YOU understand what is happening behind the scenes so increase traffic and effectiveness of each page.

All-in-One SEO Wordpress plugin by Yoast: Gives maximum control over the multiple SEO settings at any page of the website. That means full control over the way that Google will display our information on the Search Results.


Competition analysis:  how competitive  is my  digital footprint?    We research and compile a list of competitors, exploring their backlink profile through Moz in order to find link opportunities and uncover successful strategies that other industry players have been applying.

Branding: is this really us? We create a compelling and attractive branding identity aligned to what you offer. This process involves logo’s graphic look and feel, choosing color schemes and the most appropriate font types and styles that will be applied on the various pages.

Keywords research: how many people are looking for what we offer? By using various keyword discovery tools such as Google Keyword tool, we find the search volume for people trying to find your type of services on Google. This is critical in establishing the focus of the content creation and optimization for various  landing pages that address the search query EXACTLY.


SEO On-page optimization: every page that appears on Google's search results page is an 'ad’ with a couple of lines of text. In order to achieve best results, it's crucial to effectively maximize these couple of lines (called meta descriptions) and the title tags, using the most suitable keywords with actionable and compelling copy.

Social Media Management: People like to see the relevance of your business in their lives and in today’s world that means active participation in and physical presence of social media on your site.  Today the number of people that shared your page, tweeted about it, rated it highly on google+, yelp, citysearch, etc. are the lifeline of the legal business.  

Social Media Expansion: We can create a Facebook presence through a Facebook page. Research, plan and repurpose related content from various sources to post on this media. Graphic design, ad copy writing and launch of Ad campaigns on Facebook, promoting strategically important posts like your current events, and attracting a solid fan base to remarket to on this platform. We can also create and brand a LinkedIn profile, finding and identifying strategically important groups to participate. We educate and incentivize company's employees and staff to attract as many LinkedIn contacts as possible, as well as recommendations on that platform, and lastly we incentivize clients, guests and visitors to write reviews on Google Places, Yelp and Zagat.

The Click to: based on what is found on  keyword research, our goal is to create content that resonates with what people are searching for on Google.  The blog should be strengthened by consistently relating to current events that are likely to gain news traction.  One of the most important ways to improve the blog would be to tap into the existing news media cycle and engage the public regarding something that is actually going on.

List building (e-mail): We can gather emails from clients and prospective clients in as many as possible ways. Design strategy.

URL syntax: to achieve good rankings on Google, it's mandatory to use descriptive and keyword-rich URLs. 303 redirects may need to be applied to old pages that do not use descriptive enough url syntax to redirect all their traffic to new pages that do in order to increase their SEO value.


Proper Follow Through from Home Page: the website should properly communicate the value proposition  to visitors immediately!  This could be accomplished through a variety of methods including but not limited to video

Testimonials: testimonials should be given prominent placement on your site.  Quality can also be improved by choosing testimonials that contain relevant verbiage and including a signature of the reviewer.  Incentivize clients to write testimonials on Yelp, Zagat, LinkedIn and Google Places.  

Videos: videos are a great tool for increasing engagement, which is the key to success.  Generally speaking if you could keep people on your site for two or three minutes they are 200-300 percent more likely to engage your business. Videos are not being displayed properly on the site.  They need to be embedded on numerous  pages in order to increase the views and should be featured on all landing pages. (ex: car, truck, and motorcycle accidents)

Contact form: the contact form should be improved and surrounded by social media signals in order to provide a sense of authority and to help lessen scepticism and gain the trust of prospective clients. By showing quantity (number of people who have liked this page) guests are more likely to participate in submitting their contact information.

Conversion funnel optimization: as the company offers a range of various services, we need to create an individual conversion funnel for each of them. Landing pages will be set up or improved, and A/B testing experiments may take place to optimize these pages to convert as much as possible.

Video Production:  1- 2 video interviews per week  as required to be done in HD on Skype, edit with graphics & animation. Broadcast  will include 1 tel tracking  and optimized landing pages.

YOUTUBE & GOOGLE + Broadcast Channel setup with graphics text and optimization.


Bronze Package   (4 Areas)                                                        $900,00 Mo

Silver Package  (10 Areas)                                                        $1,800,00 Mo

Gold Package (25 Areas)                                                            $2,500,00 Mo


Set up YOUTUBE & GOOGLE + Broadcast Channel                              $1600,00

GD2WP:                                                                60 days free then $99,00 Mo 

Google Analytics:                                                                Free of charge

Competition analysis:                                               60 days free then $....,00 Mo

Money back  Guarantee

If we do not rank your video within 12 weeks on the Page One of YouTube & Google we will return your investment.* (See full Guarantee)

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