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Dr. A.J.Khalil Semantic Plastic Surgery Marketing

Semantic Plastic Surgery marketing success can be compared to the legal system as in “winning a case”. In a court of law with a fixed system of rules it is interpreted by a Judge and Jury for an outcome. In a determination for top positions in Internet Search results, the rules CHANGE (slowly but continually) and there is only one judge: Google. Google judges your “case videos ” on two platforms, the main Google search engine and on YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search platform in the USA.

Dr. Khalil's YouTube & Google footprint. Why your G footprint on these platforms is more important than your website

It is estimated that for every 10 Searches on Google there are 4-6 on YouTube FOR THE SAME QUERY - Furthermore, YouTube “ suggests” videos at the end of each play. YouTube videos can be embedded in 3rd party websites providing a much greater reach than a 3rd party web back-link to your website. Your video message on the 3rd party website is being ENDORSED by that website because it is playing directly on their page. As has been proven since the dawn of TV, video converts viewers into clients at a MUCH higher rate than text based media.

These videos will continue to address Plastic Surgery issues. This shows Googles search engine both location and topic expertise for your practice.

Smart Production & Broadcast

Each video will be edited for brevity, however if there are important specialist issues they can be longer, such as your expertise with Breast Surgery is an example. Other long-form videos can address areas such as common concerns involved with Plastic Surgery (i.e.  minors  asking parents for augmentation). Such a subject brings unique value for media debate . Your authoritative commentary on the issues adds to the public conversation and most importantly helps Google rank your channel and subsequent videos higher on BOTH platforms (Video and General search).

Cumulative Topic expertise

A variety of Videos on Plastic Surgery enable Google to determine your topic of expertise as well as your ability to express NEW opinion on matters of public interest in your field. If these “news jacking” ( the industry term) videos are shown in mainstream media sources, by being embedded or linked, the subsequent videos on the same or relevant subjects get MORE attention from Google, which create higher positions and more traffic to your site.

What Google is learning about Dr. Khalil

Google is able to understand all of this because just like in court, we produce the transcripts. However, we help Google understand the CONTEXT of the transcript because we have done very detailed keyword research that reveal the prevalence of “long tailed keywords “ (Known in Digital marketing as “low hanging fruit” ) that drive relevant traffic. It is well to note that 12-22% of all plastic surgery queries are novel and have never been seen before. This video from leading SEO industry Authority Rand Fishkin explains why Long tailed keywords are so important as they comprise of over 60% of search volume.

Thank You so much Dr. A.J. Khalil

I feel and look GREAT!! you are the best!!! My Twins are up and look amazing. Perfect size :) i am more than satisfied with my results. As a Dr. as a Person you are awesome very professional and honest. the staff is great too!!! :) awesome Experience i will definitely go back!!!

Julie Faris voiceover

Dr. Khalil is simply the best Dr. He's the type of person that makes you feel comfortable and he's friendly. Same with his staff. He gives you what you ask for and offers you the best options for what you want, and actually takes the time to sit with you and do that. I had my surgery 6 months ago but feels like yesterday. I'm very pleased with his work (no scars) can't even tell. I can't thank him enough for my breast augmentation,  I'd definitely would recommend him. I choose the right Dr. Thank you again Dr . Khalil 😊

Kim V voiceover

4 months ago-

Dr. Khalil is great. He knows exactly what his patients need based on their body type and look. I came for a breast augmentation, and I love them. They look very natural and settle in pretty quickly. No complications. The only regret I have is that I didn't listen to him to have them bigger. His staffs are very friendly and helpful. The office is polish clean. I would recommend him to anyone who wants breast augmentations.

Maria Valdez voiceover

a year ago

Dr.Khalil is the best ever !!  After 5 c-sections my tummy looked horrible. My self esteem was so low. I went to several consultations with different surgeons and I didnt feel confortable. I went to Dr.Khalil and I knew I had found my surgeon. Hes so friendly , makes u feel super comfortable. I had a tummy tuck and lipo on my sides. I now feel amazing!!  Next he's doing my breast lift.I couldn't of choose a better Dr.

Thank you Dr. Khalil :)

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