Associates & Partners


Patrick Martin, Founder
HD GD2 WP is primarily a specialist Real Estate system created by 3DSEO, a full service Google Cloud based Digital Marketing Agency and App developer serving clients in the USA & UK.

Patrick has worked in Artificial intelligence and VR since the 90’s and in the early 2000’s expanded into SEO and added a team for Google App development in 2007. GD2WP produces  IDX Google cloud Property website systems, as well Real Estate video in regular and 360 formats, builds and manages Google cloud based websites, and manages social media for clients.  Patrick has been a Google Partner since 2014 and his son, Scott Martin, is also a Google Partner.


Patrick has secured sponsorship and led development teams on several successful projects including: prototype DVD technology with Sony Corp, which was showcased at V&A in London in 1993, (see press here); and a 5-screen panorama “Sporting Glory” which was the panoramic AV centerpiece of the exhibition and featured every major sporting trophy in the world including the Soccer World Cup, The F1 Championship, and the NBA & NFL. This show upgraded with Olympic material was later shown during the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

Patrick studied Artificial intelligence in his youth & secured some venture finance as a student. With partners called Qnet he created the rudimentary AI project “The RoboShow” in 1986 (see video   see press). He also built a multimedia panoramic VR editing system in 1997 called the Intel SuperScreen (see video).


Rania Long, Partner
Rania is 3D SEO’s social media director and partner. She brings her teaching, marketing, and sales background to the table. Miss Long was raised and educated abroad, college educated in the US, and has also lived in Greece, The Middle East, the United Kingdom, and Japan. She assists clients in establishing their online identity and helps them find their voice in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Rania has over 15 years of professional experience consulting clients in the private and public sectors, and has a creative outlook to all of her endeavors. Rania is highly knowledgeable in the real estate and dental marketing fields, website design, YouTube marketing, and SEO.

Scott Martin, Partner

Scott Martin is still completing a Hybrid education and recently qualified as a Google partner with Certificates in Google Analytics & Google Adwords. Scott has a love of cooking and has worked in the restaurant industry during breaks from study. For the past 3 years he has been responsible for maintaining video promotions for Hollywood Hills Homes on YouTube and Adwords which were notable for the quick sale of the homes concerned. He also has been studying Conversion Rate Optimization and is up-to-date with many of the latest techniques developed for mobile engagement.

In his spare time he creates EDM and occasionally DJ’s around Denver. He also make visits to Area 51 in Nevada where he and friends reenact the 1948 Roswell Incident in period clothes and with elaborate alien costumes. He is making a film about this in 360 VR.

Michael Perlmutter, CFA, Associate

Michael Perlmutter is skilled in website building, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Data Analytics, SEO, PPC, and Social Media. He has also built customized CRM, performed project management, and marketing automation systems. After receiving his degree in Business Economics at The University of California, Santa Barbara and obtaining his CFA Charter holder from the CFA Institute, Michael went on to be an Investment Manager for Wells Fargo, before becoming the Director of Marketing at Massage in LA where he used his SEO and social media strategies to acquire new customers. Currently, Michael is the CEO of Yes Crew where they help clients to get leads and referrals. He grew his first client from $20K sales a year to over $200k in his first year working with them.

Bhanu Singh (CJ),
CJ heads up a team of 8 programmers that created the GD2WP PLUGIN and the IDX  WIDGET.  CJ has a MSC, IT, and over 8 years of experience in Website Development, 5 years in WordPress Customization, 4 years in Google App development as well as Jquery, CSS, HTML5 and IDX custom programming. CJ is heavily involved in real estate research and development as well as engineering using Carlos's user interface designs and under Mark Apsey guidance in the real estate business. CJ is a master shopping cart builder on Miva Merchant and other platforms, and has created specialist modules for using Google docs with PCI secure shopping cart systems.

Carlos Magno Rodrigues, Partner
Carlos Magno is the chief graphic designer of the Hollywood Hills Homes website V3. He has worked in range of different services for HHH, from market research to project management. He has managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Carlos has also designed numerous user interfaces, and is a Master of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.  He is also a Google partner.

SEO for Real estate

Since 2010 Rodrigues has studied and implemented on-page and off-page techniques to achieve the best positions for our clients in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Working as a volunteer, Carlos Magno has taught underprivileged children computer courses for a charity associations.



Josh Summers, Associate

Mr. Summers is a dental marketing specialist and owner of Dental Game Plan. With 15 years of marketing experience he has created bullet proof systems to help dental practices overcome their lack of new patients. Not only has Josh mastered online marketing through social media paid search and organic search, and reputation management, he has also helped practices with their offline marketing strategies, training, and overall practice growth strategies. Josh is always looking for cutting edge partners, like 3D SEO, to team up with to help him provide the best services to his dental clients.

Andy Downer, Associate
Andy Downer is an international change agent and difference maker in the Sales, Marketing, and nonprofit space. Having worked, lived, and networked in the UK, South Africa, and the US, Andy brings a unique perspective of cultures, technologies, market needs, and most importantly, people. In addition to his international experience, Andy has worked with corporations, startups, and nonprofits in consultative, sales, marketing, and leadership roles.

His ability to think differently in a visionary way coupled with his mantra of “you don’t know what you don’t know”, helps challenge businesses to look at their potential, versus what they think the market wants them to do. Working with 3D SEO, Andy helps organizations review their overall sales and marketing strategies and execute and deliver results.