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3D,360, VR & Drones for 2016

Average Internet speeds in the USA have doubled in the last 18 month enabling Realtor homepages with 3D Photos  & 360 video to become mainstream in 2016, a sea change in homepage design  is in prospect , especially on  smartphones.   Google says “we no longer go online -we LIVE online”  in this world of  scanning  rather than reading, Video is King ( having killed  text & the radio star a long time ago) Drones are in their own section further down.

See The home  with  The Shark in the Pool in 360  Video ( requires Youtube app )

Trending FAST

  • Interest in  360  degree video in particular is doubling every month with Facebook now 360 as well as Youtube 360. The 2 largest apps in the world  are at the center of a maelstrom of Multi Billion dollar change. NOW the 3D Realtor image  has arrived which is shown here. ( you saw them here first ) Read the Forbes story here ??andy ?

 NEWS: Video Increases CTR, ROI, & SEO

  • Click through rates typically increase  by 15-30% with video. homepages
  • Emarketer revealed that 50% of marketers say video has the best ROI for content.
  • A study by Forrester demonstrated that for Google, an indexed video is up to 50 times as likely to rank on the first page of a Google search, than an indexed image.
  • Research by Nielsen indicates that 64% of marketers expect video will be the foremost media for their future strategy.


Knowing the power of video with the advent of YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine, it is clear web surfers in -2016 are  increasingly  addicted  to moving images. If you're feeling limited by the impact of your homepage's ability to tell your company's story, a video might be your best solution

More Engaging
A video on a homepage ( without sound but the option to turn it on ) can succinctly convey your website’s view much more efficiently than photos and text. You can make an
Explainer Video to demonstrate complex ideas simply or liven up concepts that may not be so interesting if presented in text. You can create a Pitch Video to sell your services in a visually attractive way or a Promotional Video Advertisement to get to the heart of your offering. With video you can use animation, music, actors, interviews, images and represent statistics in clever and innovative ways that would be lost in simple text and images. Importantly, you can tell stories and appeal to emotions, limited only by your own creativity that will engage the short attention span of your typical web surfer. Video can also make your site feel fresh and easy to absorb because the information is condensed as a “quick hit” on the home page. But because of the complexities of building a website, the process of producing and adding video can feel intangible.

Effective Videos, say More with Less

  •  Prize winning web designs “say more, with less”. So the simpler the homepage above the fold ( the visible section), with the least amount of text,  the more appealing

  • To have a website bogged down in text  overwhelms the viewer with too much information, when they are looking for something which is more concise and easier to process. People like efficiency, if they can see what you do, through passively watching a 30 second video rather than having to search through all your text, they'll take in more information in less time.
  • Plus, too much text on the homepage causes people to ‘bounce off’ the site more quickly and a high ‘bounce rate’ decreases your search ranking. Video is a passive engagement that people are used to. You are not making them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen.

Emotional Tug

  • If your video engages your audience from the start, you can pull your viewer in emotionally, captivating them to stay and watch until the end of your video. Video instantly stimulates your senses, stays relevant across all devices and can invoke an emotional response with longer visiting times.
  • This will then increase the amount of time your viewing audience stays on your site which will lower your ‘bounce rate’ and improve your rankings within search engines.
  • The right video can transform your website and improve your SEO. Video is a way to target keywords in search engines. By surrounding the video with copy that can be indexed, transcripts for your videos will help search engines to index it.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

  • First impressions count and videos can make a great first impression for your website. Axonn Media revealed from research that seven in ten people view brands more positively after watching video content about them.
  • Research by Cisco predicts that by 2017 video will make up 69% of all consumer internet traffic.
  • YouTube is the second largest social media giant after Facebook with a phenomenal 1 billion unique visitors a month. And Vimeo is now being widely used by professionals as the choice video platform with 20 million users and rising.
  • Take a look at these examples by Andy 

There's something about video that tends to make us feel something in this world of technology. Perhaps it's ingrained in us through our familiarity with film or television, or perhaps we like to feel like we're a part of the action? Whatever it may be, adding video to your home page may be your ticket to engaging your audience and improving your sites searchability.

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